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“Schneller geht nicht”

Angemeldet und 5 Tage später den Vertrag unterschrieben. Einfach #KLASSE

Artomy A.
Essenslieferant, MUC
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“Unglaublich gute Arbeit”

„Das DriverHero Team ist freundlich und hilfsbereit. Ich war fasziniert vom Service und der neuen Art der Jobvermittlung.“

Robert B.
Liferfahrer, MUC


„Die Kommunikation ist sehr gut und hilfreich. Dadurch habe ich mich von Beginn an wohlgefühlt und schnell einen neuen Job gefunden.“

Kalvis B.
Lieferfahrer, MUC
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Bike Rider (Bicycle)

Salary: 10 to 15 € / hour full-time, part-time or mini-job German or English. Flexible working hours and tips.

Delivery Driver (Van)

Salary: 12 to 19 € / hour full-time, part-time or mini-job German or English. Flexible working hours possible.

Truck driver (Truck)

Salary: 12 to 20 € / hour full-time, part-time or mini-job German or English.

Courier (Car)

Salary: 11 to 18 € / hour. Full-time, part-time or mini-job. German or English. Flexible working hours.

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"Unbelievably good work"

"The DriverHero team is friendly and helpful. I was fascinated by the service and the new way of job mediation."

"Feel good factor"

"The communication is very good and helpful. It made me feel comfortable from the beginning and I found a new job quickly."


Registered and signed the contract 5 days later.

"They kept their promise"

"DriverHero helped me find a job within a few days. I received several job offers and chose the best one. The team at DriverHero supported me all the way - thank you very much."

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Is DriverHero free of charge?

DriverHero is free of charge for the Applicants

Job seekers of all kinds. Whether student, mini-jobber, full- or part-time job seeker.

You will usually receive job offers in the first 24 to 72 hours.

We also arrange jobs for you as a freelancer.

For most jobs, knowledge of German or English language is sufficient. Some jobs require a valid driver’s license.

However, we also offer jobs where you do not need one.If you have any other qualifications, please feel free to mention them.

You will only receive job offers that match your qualifications.

DriverHero is the mediator. You will sign your employment contract with the respective company.